The North Pole has been a boys club for too long. So we're kicking down the door, exposing the gender gap, and revealing the real secret to the season: Mrs. Claus. That's right, it's time for Mrs. Claus to be in the spotlight, no more second billing to snowmen and reindeer, and no more sitting on the sidelines.
So strap on your boots, toss Santa's cookies in the trash, and raise a glass of milk to the true hero of Christmas, Mrs. Claus!


Join the movement.

For the low price of only $25, we will ship you your very own Mrs. Claus paper doll/ornament. From then on she’ll brighten your holidays, be a constant reminder of gender inequality here and at the North Pole, and also encourage everyone to continue changing the way we all work together.

All profits are donated to Girls Inc. to help inspire girls to be strong (healthy), smart (educated), and bold (independent) for a better, stronger future.

All profits go to Girls.Inc
Join the Movment

The Gender Gap Is Real.

Why Mrs. Claus? Because she’s the perfect example of gender inequality in the workplace. If women are under-represented on our favorite holiday, what kind of example does that set?

As an advertising agency in 2019, Small Army works hard to promote equality in the workplace. This parody of the real holiday toy ads we grew up with is a commentary on our society and the power that media has to influence it. It's time we come together and use our platforms for good. Let's make the world a more inclusive place, one ad at a time.

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But wait, there's more.

Share these silly videos with your friends and family to help spread awareness for gender equality.